European Projects

Over the years, RoSa has been an appreciated partner in a wide variety of European projects.

Gender Pay Gap: New solutions for an old problem 2014-2016

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"Gender Pay Gap: New solutions for an old problem" is a project within the PROGRESS programme of the European Union. The main objective of the project is to develop new, innovative strategies to tackle the gender pay gap in close cooperation with trade unions, gender equality units and other relevant stakeholders. Participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Spain and Sweden as well as representatives from European institutions like ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation). The project is going to comprise a multi-faceted approach including research, networking, mutual learning, implementation of initiatives, awareness-raising activities and dissemination strategies. The exchange between researchers and stakeholders in a mutual learning process should lead to application-orientated research and research-based application.

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Gender Issues in Europe Today (GET-project) 2011-2012

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GET-Project partners deal in cross-cultural and pan European dialogues with gender issues in their countries and in Europe from a theoretical as well as practical point of view. They introduce achievements of most recent international theories, compare concepts, models and practices of implementation in a historical and intercultural perspective. Thereby they make use of a "bottom up" description and analysis of gender stereotypes based on the stories, experiences and voices of women and men themselves.

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Practices Against Gender and Ethnic Stereotypes (PAGES) 2010-2012

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Children's literature industry is thriving and regarded as a guarantee of success and access to language and literacy. In this context, isn't it important to help the younger generation to develop its own critical intelligence with regard to culturally inherited stereotypes, and to the images presented in the books? For us, adults, should we not learn to expand our choice when we choose books to read to children in order to propose a variety of models which opens other possible futures? Exploring these privileged moments of shared reading to identify our own stereotypes, encourage a self-reflective process to see how believing in stereotypes may restrain our children's potential and freedom, this is the ambition of PAGES, our European project aimed at adults working with young children who use reading as an educational activity. The Grundtvig program offers an opportunity to bring together six European partners, very different according to their missions, but complementary and all concerned by these concerns.

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Advanced THematic Network in Activities (ATHENA) 2003-2009

ATHENA is a Socrates Thematic Network Project in which 105 Women's and Gender Studies Programmes at universities, research institutes and documentation centres in Europe participated.

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Women Learning for an Active Life 2002-2004

Women may take great pleasure in participating in public life. That's why dedicating oneself to politics can be an excellent idea. If you want to commit yourself expertly, you might need to freshen up your knowledge a little. So, why not seize the opportunity of learning through the internet in your own time at home? That is the scope of this Socrates-Grundtvig project, carried out by Belgium, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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