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About RoSa [EN]

RoSa in a nutshell

Since 1978 the RoSa library and centre of expertise has been the place to be for information on women's rights, gender and feminism in Flanders. Born out of the need for centralised documentation during the second feminist wave, RoSa has since kept pace with the times and has not only digitalised a major part of its extensive and ever-growing collection, but also expanded its services over the years.

Whether you are a women's rights activist, a student, a policy maker, a researcher in gender studies, or simply interested in feminism, gender, intersectionality, masculinity, equal opportunities and gender studies in Belgium and abroad, RoSa is your key contact for informed answers to all of your questions.

RoSa is a Flemish non-profit organisation, in great part subsidised by the Flemish government. Consequently, our website and services are almost entirely in Dutch. We do, however, have some English content, such as interesting podcasts, TedxTalks and lots of international literature in our library database. Our staff is happy to address specific inquiries on our topics of expertise in English. Feel free to contact us by email to info@rosavzw.be.

Our library comprises one of the largest collections on gender related topics  and is located in the city centre of Brussels. You can find directions here. The RoSa library is freely accessible from Monday until Thursday, from 10 o’clock till 5 o’clock. If you’d like to visit on Friday, an appointment is mandatory.

As mediators of information we aim to raise awareness of past and ongoing challenges in reaching gender equality to a broad audience and hope to thereby contribute to a cultural change in Flanders and further women’s emancipation and equal gender relations from an intersectional standpoint. To this end, we diffuse our in-house expert knowledge on women’s rights, intersectional feminism, gender, masculinity and equal opportunities through various means.


At RoSa, we strive to contribute to gender justice in Flanders by informing and sensitising a broad audience. That is why we developed various tools, workshops and trainings. The most popular are our comprehensive and interactive workshops Gender for beginners, that are then tailored based on specific demands. We also give lectures and trainings on more specific topics, such as but not limited to, gender aware education and gender aware child care or parenting. We also advise and guide organisations in their trajectory towards a more gender aware approach and screen policy documents from a gender perspective. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding these paid services by emailing info@rosavzw.be.

Moreover, we send out fortnightly thematic newsletters as well as three-monthly newsletters with book reviews, interviews and new additions, to keep you updated on our collection. Both of these newsletters are in Dutch. Our daily selection of news coverage on gender related issues, on the other hand, does comprise some international press in English. Apart from this service and regular new contributions on current events in our actuality page, our website offers in-depth information on a broad variety of topics and is regularly updated with the latest developments in the field of gender equality internationally.

We invite you to pay a visit to our unique library or explore our ever-growing and partly digitalised collection of non-fiction books, magazines, rapports, newspaper articles, posters and much more in our online catalogue. Feel free to contact us by e-mail to info@rosavzw.be for more information on our collection or our library services.

Lastly, if your organisation is looking for a partner in an (international) project on a gender related topic, we are most willing to discuss a possible collaboration. Please contact directie@rosavzw.be with an introduction of your organisation and your proposition.